I write this bio based on the following assumptions-

  1. I was not the one who shamelessly dictated you to read this blog.
  2. You do not mind knowing whose crummy creation you just read/ are going to read.

Now before I write who I am, let me start by stating what I may seem to be (but I am not)-

  1. insomniac
  2. depressed
  3. smart and/ or funny

I am just an irritatingly inquisitive 17 year old who seeks answers to a blizzard of questions. Some of them are as useless as ‘Which college does Sharma ji’s drop-dead handsome son go to? ‘ and some as pressing as ‘Is world peace a myth?’

Another question I fail to answer is why I started writing this blog. Well, I do not exactly know, but one fine day at school, I felt that I should; some sort of ‘epiphany’ as Murakami would call it.

In fact, a lot of questions are storming my head right now, ‘Is my blog enjoyable?’, ‘How can I improve my writing?’, ‘Which topics shall I write about?’  It would be great help if you could help me anwer any of those. Please feel free to drop in a message/comment/suggestion or write to me at

Phew! This turned out to be longer than I had expected, thank you so much for giving it a read.


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